Author: Lindsay Gibbons

Great Low Energy Solar Powered Passive House

HALO is a social and environmentally conscious home built for students by students. Designed by 25 scholars from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, this curvy passive dwelling is powered by the sun. With big common areas and smaller private spaces, the design is based on the notion that a shared house should have double the amount of communal space than usual. Living Funky says what a fantastic opportunity for the students to have a real win/ win project, we love this concept of learning Measuring 645 sq foot, HALO takes its name and shape from the rainbow-like optical phenomenon around...

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Hello World

Hello World I am Yves and this is my space to vlog, blog and chat about all aspects of the things  I love. I hope you enjoy it, comment, share and repost things you find...

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Lets go up

With land at a premium in London lets try and build up’ish a bit more, the sky is free. Take a walk around London, space is everywhwere. Yes its cool to have green spaces and keep them we should. Our city London is a low rise city, but come on lets go up a bit shall we, I am not talking skyscrapers on every corner but just a bit of creative height for the visionaries. The capital has great great designers so lets use them and we all know we need the space to live. Check out this Passive...

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